Our History

Software for Success

Formed in 1996, Cyclone Technology draws on a wealth of talent, honed by many years of experience working for leading players in the IT industry.

The company are developers of innovative software applications that boost profitability by providing stability for ICT infrastructure. From the very largest global organisations through to individuals, Cyclone Technology is focused on providing the highest levels of customer service and product excellence.

DataStream is a software solution for total Console Management which can:

  • increase the reliability of your critical IT infrastructure.
  • reduce operational costs.
  • constantly monitor and manage devices and applications across your network regardless of location.

DataStream provides ‘out of band’ monitoring and management of not only computers, but other important crucial hardware such as routers, network bridges and uninterruptible power supplies as well as software applications. For organisations that have invested in sophisticated "in-band" management solutions, DataStream provides the "last-mile" total Console Management solution, picking up where these applications leave off.