Availability and Reliability

netPrefect™ has been designed to meet the needs of organisations, where availability and reliability of the network are critical. It provides both in-band and out-of-band monitoring options, across local, wide and remote connections, and supports SNMP and a wide range of other protocols, including TCP/IP, SMTP, SSL, SSH, SYSLOG and Telnet. It provides CLI management capability for Windows devices.

It enables you to improve network efficiency, take immediate and decisive action to avoid downtime, and improve visibility of all network traffic and activity.

Comprehensive alert logs and audit trails provide you with detailed information, enabling support teams to build their knowledge base and increase network reliability.

  • Monitor and manage your network systems both in-band and out-of-band
  • Take appropriate timely action when an application message is received
  • Embed knowledge into the system, so that the right actions are taken for your business
  • Share problems across your support team, across multiple locations

and improve the availability and reliability of your IT infrastructure