Improve Security

netPrefect™ gives you visibility of all network activit,y so you will be fully aware of any suspect actions or behaviour. With a time-stamped activity log, there will never be any dispute over who accessed resources and when.

If your organisation is governed by Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, HIPAA, or other legal or professional requirements, netPrefect™’s detailed event logging capability and audit trails will ensure that you can demonstrate your full compliance to the regulations.

  • Know who has done what, where and when on the network
  • Maintain a central, time-stamped log of activity across the network, and view the log in real-time
  • Take action immediately, based on meaningful alert messages
  • Implement effective change management processes and log access to all devices centrally

and improve the security of your IT infrastructure, whilst ensuring compliance with regulatory legislation