No Risk Licensing

netPrefect™ gives total flexibility in its licensing models.

Whether you prefer to buy perpetual licences, and choose whether or not you want to take out a maintenance contract, or prefer an all inclusive leasing or pay as you use model, with no up-front capital payments, and support, maintenance AND full upgrades included in the price, the choice is yours.

At Cyclone, we believe that you should only pay for the concurrent use of licences. So if you have one device that needs monitoring and managing between 9am and 5pm, and another that only needs managing between midnight and 4am, why would you pay for two licences? Just allocate a single license to each device for as long as needed.

Furthermore, if you choose our pay as you use model, there are no cancellation penalties and you only pay for what you've used.

  • Standard licence, with annual maintenance or pay-as-you-go options
  • Flexible usage-billing option enables accurate cost-allocation and charging, where appropriate
  • Concurrent licensing

Perpetual Licenses 

  • Outright purchase, you own the right to use the version of netPrefect that you have purchased in perpetuity.
  • Simply purchase yearly maintenance in order to receive upgrades and support

Leased Licenses 

  • Pay for your licenses on a Monthly or Annual basis
  • Maintenance and Upgrades are included in Leased Licenses

Pay-As-You-Go Licenses 

  • Pay by the Hour for the devices that you are managing
  • Maintenance and Upgrades are included in Pay-As-You-Go Licenses

Choose the option to suit your business model. Contact Us now