Reduce Costs

netPrefect™ enables you to reduce overall cost-of-ownership and provide improved service levels at the same time. It gives you a complete, end-to-end view of all network devices, regardless of location, platform or traffic type. This enables you to prevent unplanned system downtime, by addressing potential issues before they develop into real problems, and improve overall efficiency and availability of network resources and applications.

With a single solution in place that is capable of monitoring all network activity, administration and support can be centralised, and the need for on-site visits is reduced. This further reduces operating costs, and with netPrefect's flexible cost model, you can accurately allocate costs or charges to individual departments or customers.

  • Consolidate and simplify monitoring and management of your network systems into a single coherent user interface
  • Remove the overhead of on-site management of remote devices, training and travelling
  • Re-organise your support infrastructure around your netPrefect™ solution
  • Monthly leasing or utility billing, for cost effective monitoring, so you only pay for what you use

and reduce the total cost of network ownership