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Does netPrefect allow us to alert our customers to potential problems before they are aware of them?

Yes, you can send notification to you customer at the same time as it is sent to you, when the issue is first detected by netPrefect™

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Does netPrefect allow us to monitor switches being up or down, disc space, whether Exchange is working, the Internet being up and down?

Yes, using a mixture of SNMP and WMI queries you can get all of this information and more

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Does netPrefect allow us to monitor server availability and disk capacity, and provide trend analysis to say the machine is running within its optimum limits

netPrefect™ will capture all of the performance information that you require from your managed devices and can present that information to you in the form of...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Does netPrefect allow us to identify whether SQL agents are running?

Yes, using the WMI transport.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Does netPrefect allow us to check SQL databases up and online, exchange servers up and online, and any excessive queuing with Exchange Server?

Yes, using the WMI or Shell transports, all performance characteristics of SQL and Exchange can be monitored.

07/30/2013 Category: Monitoring

Can netPrefect monitor multiple applications on a single server?

Yes, netPrefect™ can monitor all aspects of a server including multiple applications.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Can netPrefect monitor client servers that are located in our data centre rather than at the client location?

Yes, netPrefect™ is built with multiple disparate networks in mind. It is equally capable of monitoring and managing a single location.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Will netPrefect allow us to monitor the performance of switches?

If the switches are managed or “smart” then yes, SNMP will typically be used to monitor and manage the switch.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Can I monitor patches issued by Microsoft?

No, we do not currently have the ability to monitor the Microsoft patch distribution system. We can, however, using WMI, tell you what you have installed on...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

How many screens do you need to monitor multiple customers?

The GUI can monitor multiple customers at once using its hierarchical tree view.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

To query a machine with SNMP, does it need a service running on the machine?

Yes, the managed device must be running an SNMP agent, this is typically built into most devices and simply needs to be enabled.

On windows, the SNMP agent is...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Is netPrefect an Enterprise product?

Absolutely. netPrefect™ provides Enterprise functionality and scalability but at a price ideally suited to the SME.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

How configurable are the Cisco rules? We predominantly use Fortinet kit.

We provide a number of rules that are aimed at Cisco devices. However, in general, as with all netPrefect items, rules can easily be copied and modified to...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Can you write something like raid sets. What about Acer?

Yes, we can monitor ACER devices, RAID sets and their controllers providing they present their status information to us via one of our transports e.g. SNMP.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Will netPrefect allow us to integrate system monitoring with our ticketing system?

Yes, events generated by netPrefect™ can be used to update an external trouble ticketing system, either directly by inserting records into its database, or by...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

What exchange monitoring is built into netPrefect?

We have standard rules and reports developed that allow you to monitor amongst other items your exchange server database size and top x mailbox users.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

You say netPrefect is monitoring the software. Does it flag up when someone drops a new piece of software on?

Yes, netPrefect™ can be configured to monitor the installed software on a managed device and to generate an event/alert when new software is installed.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

How can we use netPrefect to show our customers that we are doing something for them despite the fact they have had no major problems?

You can publish managed device statistics to the customer via the built in web server. This allows the customer to view the current state of their systems as...

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Could the server manager be installed on one of the servers that’s actually being managed?

Yes, but be aware that if the server is down, then you have no visibility of any of the devices that that server manager is monitoring.

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

Will netPrefect log temperature from an EM box and log it onto the database?

Yes, if the environmental monitor can provide the temperature information to netPrefect via one of the standard transports

08/16/2011 Category: Monitoring

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