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If I correct an issue that has caused an alert, do I have to wait until the next scheduled time for the alert to be removed?

No, you can either manually re-issue the scheduled query or, in the case of the reachability transport, which has no interactive console, it can be reset which...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Does netPrefect allow us to check SQL databases up and online, exchange servers up and online and any excessive queuing with exchange server?

Yes, using the WMI or Shell transports, all performance characteristics of SQL and Exchange can be monitored.

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Can netPrefect set thresholds?

netPrefect™ can be configured with thresholds on key performance statistics.

These thresholds, when crossed, can cause action to be taken, such as sending an...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

If the server power dies, will netPrefect identify and report this?

netPrefect™ will detect that the server is no longer functioning.

However, it will be unable to determine the cause, unless the server is connected to a UPS...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

If a service has stalled and we then restart it, will netPrefect identify whether it’s a hardware failure so that we can get a service engineer in?

If the information detailing the root cause of the service fault is available to netPrefect™ (either in log files, or via SNMP/WMI queries) then yes,...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

When you investigate an alert, can it all be conducted through a single screen?

Yes, all interaction with netPrefect™ and the devices it is managing is performed through a single GUI (each user has their own instance of the GUI, with their...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

How does netPrefect let me use an individual alert to drill down to find out exactly what the problem is?

netPrefect™ displays the outstanding alerts in a list form.

In the case of alerts that have been propagated up the hierarchy of managed devices, these alerts...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Can you set netPrefect to say if it’s not seen an event in the event log in the last 2 hours? What we would be looking for in the event log would be a successful message within the last 5 hours.

Yes, netPrefect™ can automatically raise an event if a condition has not been seen for a specified length of time.

This event may then cause an alert to be...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Will it tell me the part number? That would be really useful.

netPrefect™ can be configured to look up part numbers for a device from an external database and then notify engineers of the part number.

The alert can also...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

What about checking SQL backups? There is an event when backup is done, so if you don

Yes, netPrefect™ can generate an alert when something of interest doesn’t happen (such as a backup not running).

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Does the dashboard provide a simple graphical notification of alerts such as using individual icons for clients, servers and services?

The dashboard view in the main netPrefect™ GUI simply indicates the total number of alerts that are present, categorised either by severity or...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Can I stop alerts when I have a system down for maintenance?

Yes, simply use the netPrefect™ GUI to set the device (or subsystem) into Maintenance mode with an optional time at which the device should be placed back into...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Can you filter alerts by time of day?

Yes, alerts may be sent to different destinations (email, GUI, etc.) depending on the time of day or day of week.

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

My customers are demanding a better service. How can netPrefect help?

netPrefect™ allows you to be informed of issues as they arise instead of when the customer notices and calls you.

In some cases, it is also possible to...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Our main concern is that we get an alert as soon as the disk drive starts creating errors, whether they’re soft errors or hard errors, and what we don’t want is to get the errors when the drive is actually down. How does netPrefect cope with this?

The regular polling for device status should indicate the current status of the device, which may include hard and soft errors.

netPrefect™ can be configured...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert

Would it notify if backup had failed? We currently use Backup Exec.


As with all event detection, netPrefect™ takes the message from your application (in this case Backup Exec), which has an indication of job status.


08/16/2011 Category: Alert

We are currently bombarded with alerts. Will netPrefect allow us to filter alerts?

Yes, netPrefect™ allows you to either not generate the alerts unless specific conditions exist, for example, the alert state/severity has changed, or between...

08/16/2011 Category: Alert