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Does netPrefect work cross platform?

Yes, netPrefect™ is fully cross platform and has been developed and tested on a variety of platforms.

The various netPrefect components also communicate cross...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

What database can I use?

We currently test and support the following databases:-

Microsoft SQL Server,MySQL,Oracle,PostgreSQL

However, netPrefect™ is capable of supporting...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

How much physical space do I need at my site and the customer’s to use netPrefect?

netPrefect™ is installed on standard server hardware.

Typically, a customer site would have one or more server managers installed, often a small 1U rack...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

What has to be loaded on the servers at individual customers?

Nothing, netPrefect™ is primarily an agentless solution. However, we do realise that occasionally it is easier to achieve your monitoring goal by executing...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

What kind of processor power and bandwidth is required?

This depends on the verbosity of the managed device and the number of scheduled/interactive commands you execute on the device.

netPrefect™ is designed to be...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

How much traffic does netPrefect generate?

Again, this is difficult to quantify as it depends on how many managed devices are being monitored and what scheduled/interactive commands are being executed...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Does netPrefect support 64 bit versions of Windows 2008?

Yes, netPrefect™ is fully 64-bit compatible both to run on and to monitor, although it does require 64-bit java to be installed.

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Do we buy the server that goes on the customer site?

You purchase and own the physical hardware that netPrefect™ runs on. As for the software, you purchase the appropriate number of licenses to manage the devices...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

How would netPrefect work if we didn’t have it on the customers site?

The engine would communicate with your customer devices either via the internet (unsecure) or through a VPN connection to your customer site.

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

What’s the bandwidth up and down the line for that (engine)?

This is impossible to say as it depends on how many devices are being monitored and the scheduled commands that are being executed on the device and how often.

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Does netPrefect require firewall configurations?

No, all communication between netPrefect™ components is encrypted and performed using standard http and https ports and so does not require any extra firewall...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Does the software update itself automatically?

The engine upgrades are performed manually, and Cyclone can come and perform these upgrades for you.

The Server Manager upgrades are performed automatically...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Does it have the ability to deploy?

Not currently. netPrefect™ is primarily a system and network management solution, not an automated software distribution and installation tool.

If there is...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Does netPrefect produce reports in a standard format?

netPrefect™ has a web interface that can be tailored to display standard reports in html format, which can then be printed.

For more in depth reporting and...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Do I need a separate server for the Server Manager?

No, the Server Manager can be installed on the same system as the Engine. Or, using the agent version of the server manager, installed on the device being...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

How do I make configuration changes remotely on my device?

Use the built in transports that are appropriate for your device.

This will allow you to remotely manage the configuration on your device.

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

How do we distribute a new router firmware image to our devices?

Use the built in TFTP server functionality.

By importing your firmware image into the netPrefect™ configuration at the site level, then that configuration...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

My router does not allow ICMP ECHO. Can I discover using any other means?

Yes, in addition to an ICMP echo request we can also perform discovery by attempting to open a connection to the TCP/IP ECHO port on a device.

We have plans...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture

Is netPrefect hardware or software?


netPrefect™ can be purchased as a software only product, or on a fully configured appliance, available as a 1U Engine, 1U Server Manager or standalone...

08/16/2011 Category: Architecture