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How does netPrefect software licensing work? Can I pay just for what I use?

Yes, netPrefect™ allows a number of licensing mechanisms from outright purchase to monthly and annual leasing and pay-as-you-use.

Don't forget that licensing...

08/16/2011 Category: Pricing

How is the pricing tiered?

Pricing attracts quantity discounts, up to 50%. Licensing is cumulative, so if you move into the next discount band, the discount applies to all of your...

08/16/2011 Category: Pricing

Is there a minimum contract length? Is it paid yearly?

With lease licensing, there is a minimum one year lease period.

You can pay monthly in advance or annually.

With pay as you use, the minimum would be one...

08/16/2011 Category: Pricing

Can netPrefect be configured so that we are only charged for the time we are using it, say in the case of monitoring an upgrade to a ticketing system?

Yes, a Pay-as-you-use license would be the solution.

Even if you only did this once a year, that's all you would be charged for.

08/16/2011 Category: Pricing

If the licensing works 9-5 or 24/7 and we usually schedule the backup to run in the early hours of the morning or very last thing at night, how would this be reflected in licensing fees?

If you only enable the device for monitoring 9-5 and you backup runs from midnight to 4am, then netPrefect™ would not attempt to detect backup failures.


08/16/2011 Category: Pricing