Educational Discounts

For Educational Establishments

Substantial discounts are available to any educational establishment that would like to purchase netPrefect for internal use or for training students .

These discounts apply to either the software only or appliance based products.

Educational purchasers receive the same support and upgrade rights as normal corporate users.

For Students

  • Are you attending a course that involves network and system management?
  • Do you want to gain an appreciation of a real-world solution that could be deployed and in-use by your prospective employers?
  • Add netPrefect™ network management and monitoring knowledge and experience to your C.V.

Cyclone are offering you the opportunity to try out netPrefect™ and manage up to 5 devices (servers, switches, routers, PC's etc) on your home network for only £49.99 inc. VAT fully supported for the duration of your academic course.


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