Partner Programme

Training and Support

Cyclone Technology Partners are provided with a bespoke training and support package to provide them with the skills and tools they need to sell and support Cyclone Technology-based services and solutions.

A real partnership

We are committed to working with selected managed service provider partners to help them deliver higher levels of service to their customers, by pre-empting technical and configuration issues, and taking action to ensure that the risk of any disruption to network and applications is minimised.

Full remote management

Full remote management capability means that you can monitor your customers networks from a central point and as netPrefect™ is offered on concurrent license terms, it enables MSPs to offer extended services to all their customers without incurring significant additional costs.

Pay as you go options

You can also offer netPrefect™ on a usage basis, so you can charge customers only for the time that is spent monitoring and managing the devices on their networks.

Full event logging and reporting means that you can provide them with a detailed breakdown of network performance and information on network activity, as well as accurate billing.

By using netPrefect™ to monitor and manage your customer networks, at a reduced cost to both you and your customers, you will improve service levels and build your reputation as a reliable service provider. That will help you both to retain your existing customers and differentiate your service offering for potential new clients.

If you are interested in working with Cyclone Technology as a managed services provider partner, please contact Maria Baxter on +44 (0)1584 819946, or email her at maria.baxter(at)

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