netPrefect for Enterprise

netPrefect™ comes from the enterprise system out-of-band remote console in the VMS market place and has been further developed to deliver full enterprise-class RMM (remote monitoring and management) capabilities across all IP devices on a network running any operating system through a single GUI.

netPrefect™ uses clustering technology to give scalability and fault tolerance which coupled with encrypted communications makes this an ideal solution for any sized organisation where availability, quality and security are mission critical.

netPrefect™ provides both in-band and out-of-band monitoring options across local, wide and remote connections and supports SNMP and a wide range of other protocols including TCP/IP, SMTP, SSL, SSH, SYSLOG and Telnet. There is an agent less and an agent based configuration making netPrefect a powerful platform independent network management tool capable of handling most IP devices including, but not limited to Windows and Unix/Linux servers, switches and routers, workstations, SAN/NAS, virtual machines, web pages, IP cameras even printers and photocopiers.

netPrefect™ is developed and supported in the UK giving increased flexibility and local support for customer specific requirements.