Improved customer service at reduced operating costs

MSPs need to provide customers with a comprehensive end-to-end service that exceeds their expectations. Providing 24/7 monitoring and management of the core IT infrastructure is essential to maintain the highest levels of customer service. This becomes increasingly difficult and costly as the scope, range and complexity of the services offered increases.

netPrefect™ provides the ability to monitor and control every device on an IT network, regardless of its location, platform or traffic type. This enables MSPs to significantly increase the availability, quality and security of the services delivered to customers:

  • Unplanned system downtime is reduced, through the prediction and avoidance of failure.
  • Mean repair times are reduced, with automatic alerting of key personnel and no requirement for staff to travel to remote sites.
  • Knowledge can be embedded into the solution, so that dependency on specific individuals is reduced.
  • Access to all network attached devices from local or remote management stations in multiple locations allows problem sharing and faster resolution.
  • A comprehensive audit trail with event filtering enables speedy problem source isolation and allows effective steps to be taken against recurrence.

This increase in service quality can be achieved, whilst operating costs are reduced:

  • No requirement for on-site personnel to monitor equipment at remote locations. Your operational support team is centralised and rationalised around a single and comprehensive management solution.
  • Redundancy of IT equipment is reduced, as legacy, current and next generation devices can all be managed with a single solution.
  • New devices can be selected on performance/cost rather than being locked in to a specific manufacturer.
  • Space requirement in data centres is reduced, with no system consoles required, and no on-site access needed for management.