Our Partners

CAE Technology Services is a leading IT solutions provider.

Standing out as providing the most responsive and flexible service, CAE traverses the traditional boundaries of IT systems, networking, application delivery and telecoms to deliver a comprehensive and trusted service.

The company, as a whole, understands that running an IT infrastructure is a constant challenge that requires problems to be addressed every single day as well as ensuring that medium to long term goals are achieved.

CAE endeavours to provide customers with a continously updating portfolio, offering the latest innovative technolgies with the purpose of 'Making Money, Saving Money.'

ICC mission: "To provide our customers with professional IT solutions that complement their business requirements."

This is achieved by constant evolution in line with our goals of customer focus, business excellence, teamwork, technical leadership and quality people.

All of our actions are based on our principles of professionalism and integrity.

Indecs is one of the largest, and fastest growing, IT service and support organisation.

We specialise in delivering IT mission critical and business dependent services and providing leading class support on all major brands including HP/Compaq/Digital, IBM, SUN/Oracle, Fujitsu, DELL, EMC, NetApps and Cisco.

Our clients rely on us. They range from the largest blue-chip, household names to SMBs through to over 50 public authorities all over the UK. Service delivery excellence for midrange and enterprise class environments is ensured using our highly trained, deeply experienced network of employed engineers. We operate regional offices around the UK which are complemented by a nationwide network of FSUs (Forward Stocking Locations) which allows us to cover all parts of the UK 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Transmentum mission: To facilitate the development, growth and empowerment of European Managed Service Provider's (MSP's) such that their business revenues, profits and skills continually increase.

Transmentum deliver tools, training and "know how". Specialists in business strategy, sales, marketing and operational delivery, we empower your team to manage growth through innovation.

At XuiS we provide software designed to help you automate your business critical systems.

Benefiting from an impressive history and robust future, we pride ourselves on being able to provide an exceptional level of design, implementation and support to our customers around the world, whilst assuring the highest levels of availability.

If you are interested in working with Cyclone Technology as a managed services provider partner, please contact Maria Baxter on +44 (0)1584 819946, or email her at maria.baxter(at)cyclone-technology.com