Alert Notification

Alerts are generated with the state relative to the event that triggered them.

Alert generation can be suppressed if repeat alerts occur within specific time spans.

Alerts are assigned ISO severity values in the range Indeterminate, Clear, Warning, Minor, Major, Critical.

Alerts can be classified against user defined sub-systems, e.g. performance, network, etc.

Alerts are automatically cleared when the underlying problem has been corrected. The clearing of alerts can be performed manually where necessary.

Alerts are propagated up the display of managed devices, and the severity of the alert that is propagated can be modified using sophisticated propagation rules.

Alert details can be supplemented with data retrieved from other management databases, e.g. customer contact details, replacement part numbers, etc.

Alerts are notified in real-time via one or more of:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Email
  • Text file to be read by other applications, e.g. csv file containing utilization statistics
  • SNMP Trap to third party management tools
  • Insert into user specified SQL Database e.g. Help Desk/Trouble ticketing system