Management Packs

Install management packs for your hardware/software type and automatically start monitoring your chosen device type.

Information covered in management packs includes:

  • Templates to enable auto discovery of devices covered by the management pack
  • Rules to detect events
  • Event processing, to raise alerts at the correct severity, as required
  • Propagation settings, to ensure alerts are propagated up the device tree in the GUI correctly
  • Device icons, for use in the GUI management tree

Standard Management packs included in the basic netPrefect™ installation include:

  • Windows (XP, 2003, Vista)
  • Linux
  • Cisco

We will work with you to add management packs for devices you are required to support in your environment.

Basic events generated by the standard management packs include:

  • Disk space utilisation
  • CPU utilisation
  • Memory utilisation
  • Network link bandwidth utilisation
  • Inventory of installed software
  • Chassis component status

Basic alerts generated by the standard management packs include:

  • Disk space threshold exceeded
  • CPU usage threshold exceeded
  • Memory utilisation threshold exceeded
  • Network link inbound and outbound utilisation threshold exceeded
  • Failed chassis components, eg. fans, PSU, etc.