Network Operations Centre Appliance

This appliance is designed and configured to run the database, rules, alert processing and reporting for netPrefect™. It saves the service provider or IT department time and money, by not having to modify existing infrastructure, install new hardware or VM's and configuring systems, and is ready to deploy out of the box.

One standard appliance will monitor and manage over 2000 IP based devices, and larger capacity custom configurations can be supplied (contact us). By clustering several appliances, the capacity scales upwards, and the cluster becomes fault tolerant with failover support.

There are bundled deals available, when buying annual licences, with this NOC appliance, which all adds to the cost saving of using a netPrefect hardware and software total solution, to network remote monitoring and management.

If you wish to use your own hardware, or your customer's onsite hardware, please click here for Software Only Distribution

1U Engine Appliance 


  • Intel XEON Quad Core
  • 16GB Memory
  • RAID 5 Storage
  • 2 x GBit ethernet

Software Pre-Installed:

  • Centos (64-bit)
  • PostgreSQL
  • netPrefect™ Engine
  • netPrefect™ Server Manager
  • netPrefect™ Server Manager Agent (let Cyclone Technology provide you with remote support - Support contract required).

Standard configuration sized, to manage up to 2048 devices across multiple sites for service providers and IT departments. Cluster multiple engine appliances, to provide fault tolerance and scaleability, if you have a larger estate to manage.

Custom CPU, Memory and Disk configurations are available. Talk to us about your expected load, so that we can size the appliance for you.

Discounts are available, depending on the volume of licences that you are purchasing.

Extra licences may be purchased separately, with a minimum quantity of 1.

Want to use your own server hardware or Virtual Server? See here for Software Only Distribution.


Available Configurations 

SKU Bundled Licences RRP MSP Price
NP-01UE1-000 0 £1495 £Call
NP-01UE1-005 5 £ £Call
NP-01UE1-050 50 £ £Call
NP-01UE1-500 500 £ £Call

All prices exclude VAT

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Product specifications described are subject to component availability and may change without notice, but will always meet the minimum performance requirements specified here.