Site Network Management Appliance, pre-configured for remote monitoring and management of up to 2048 devices

The site network management appliance comes ready configured, for an IP Service Provider (IPSP) or IT department, to install on a network site where remote monitoring and management is to be rolled out.

The appliance will automatically connect to the netPrefect™ engine installed in the Network Operations Centre (NOC), and pull down the appropriate number of licenses for the devices to be managed on site.

In addition to managing up to 2048 network connected devices, the appliance can be directly connected via onboard serial ports to up to 17 additional devices (more can be supported but requires a larger footprint appliance), where lights out or out-of-band remote access is required, to give low level restart and management capabilities (read more on Out-of-Band and Lights Out).

1U Server Manager Appliance 


  • Intel Atom Dual Core
  • 4GB Memory
  • 30GB Solid State Storage
  • 2 x GBit ethernet
  • Available with 1, 5, 9 or 17 Serial ports

Software Pre-Installed:

  • Centos (64-bit)
  • netPrefect™ Server Manager

Configuration sized for sites that need to scale from 1 to 2048 devices.

More than 2048 devices on your site? Simply deploy multiple Site Management Appliances.


Available Configurations 

SKU RRP MSP Price Description
NP-01USM-000 £499 £Call 1 Serial Port
NP-05USM-000 £599 £Call 5 Serial Ports
NP-09USM-000 £775 £Call 9 Serial Ports
NP-17USM-000 £1150  £Call 17 Serial Ports

All prices exclude VAT

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Product specifications described are subject to component availability and may change without notice, but will always meet the minimum performance requirements specified here.