V2.5.0 Overview of Changes

Major Features 

SQL Database Monitoring

Execute SQL commands, against your application database.

Generate events, alerts and/or reports, based on database table size and contents.

VMware monitoring

Monitor your VMware VSphere, ESX and Server installations. Start and stop client virtual machines.


Forecast when resources will reach and exceed threshold values, based on historical trends.

Scheduled reports

Generate reports on a schedule and deliver them to recipients in PDF format, via email.


Minor Features 

Notify users of new alerts, using desktop popup windows, in a similar fashion to the new email alerts displayed by Microsoft Outlook.

Place managed resources into Maintenance mode, thereby suppressing any alert notification for the managed resource and its sub-systems. Revert the managed resource to Production mode after a pre-defined period of time.


In addition to the above, bug fixes reported by our customers were incorporated into this release. These are detailed in the product release notes available when installing the product.