V2.6.0 Overview of Changes

Major Features 


Allow reports to be produced on a schedule and emailed to a distribution list in PDF format.

Consolidate and rollup statistic values as Min, Max and Average, to allow longer reporting and trend analysis in reports, while still maintaining smaller database size, by archiving older events that are no longer required.

Allow the definition of default values for reports, highlighting those that are mandatory

Remote Desktop

New facility for remote desktop sessions (RDP, VNC, Telnet etc) from the netPrefect™ GUI to the managed device, via a secure tunnel through the netPrefect™ Engine and Server Manager.

Tunnelling removes any requirement to implement added firewall rules at your remote sites, to allow the remote desktop traffic through - use the existing tunnel created by netPrefect via an outgoing connection, from the remote netPrefect™ server manager to the netPrefect™ engine.

Why purchase and implement other expensive remote desktop products when you can have an integrated all in one solution?


Managed resource logs can now be stored as encrypted data for enhanced security, in addition to the existing plain text and compressed formats.

Proxy support

Server Manager and GUI can now connect to the engine, via a HTTP Proxy server, if required.


Added support of PostgreSQL for use as the netPrefect™ repository


Minor Features 

Only outgoing port 443 is now required on remote sites for Server Manager and GUI access to the engine.

Upgraded and enhanced standard reports, including a new report for displaying the Top x Managed Resources by utilisation of CPU, Disk and Memory, with time for managed resources to reach a user defined threshold value.


In addition to the above, bug fixes reported by our customers were incorporated into this release. These are detailed in the product release notes available when installing the product.