V2.7.0 Overview of Changes

Conceptual Overview

See the Conceptual Overview video here

Major Features 

LAT Transport

Monitor legacy devices via the proprietary DEC/Compaq/HP LAT protocol.

This protocol is typically used to connect to a terminal server that has multiple serial system consoles connected to it.

URL Transport

Monitor simple URLs for availability and response time.

Extract statistic values from web pages, and use them in events and alerts.


Monitor mobile laptops or single server sites.

Monitor your corporate laptops, even when they are offsite.

Monitor the workstations in your home workers' office.

As an MSP, monitor your clients that have a single server to monitor, such as Microsoft Small Business Server.


Wake sleeping PCs on demand, or set up a schedule to wake PCs when they are needed.


Minor Features 

Allow third party terminal emulator as VTxxx console

Allow printing of reports from GUI

Allow Dashboard view to filter counts, in the same way as the alert view

Allow rolling start filter for alert views

Allow Archive Policy to specify log data should be deleted, and not saved to file

Highlight event block row in event details properties

Create reference data from managed resource log


In addition to the above, bug fixes reported by our customers were incorporated into this release. These are detailed in the product release notes available when installing the product.