V2.7.1 Overview of Changes

Major Features 

SQL style Inner and Outer join SNMP queries

Execute multiple SNMP queries and produce a single resultant table, by joining the queries on select OID values.

Batch Queries

Execute multiple SNMP queries as a single batch. Previously, multiple queries had to be executed on a schedule, with a few seconds between the schedules. This could result in out of order execution. Now, with this feature, group the SNMP commands together, and execute them in the required order, as if they were a single command.

A classic use-case for this command is to execute a TFTP backup on a Cisco device, using multiple SNMP commands, to set up the parameters (TFTP server, filename etc), for the TFTP operation, and then execute the TFTP PUT.


Minor Features 

Filter the display of auto-discovery subnets, for easier administration


In addition to the above, bug fixes reported by our customers were incorporated into this release. These are detailed in the product release notes available when installing the product.