Remote Desktop

Connect In-Band to your managed devices, via their native Remote Desktop functionality:

  • Windows : RDP
  • *nix: VNC
  • Bridges/Routers: SSH or Telnet

Unlike other remote desktop products, with netPrefect™ you:

  • Do not require extra firewall configuration
    reducing the number of open ports your customers have and so increasing security. Sessions are "tunnelled" through the netPrefect™ components (GUI, Engine, Server Manager) to your customers devices using secure connections.
  • Manage everything from one user interface
    so it's all there, just a menu option away, when you need it.
  • Have an audit trail
    to identify who started remote sessions and why.
  • Are not restricted by the remote desktop tool that you want to use
    so anything that uses a socket connection will work via netPrefect
  • Have total control
    over who is allowed to start remote desktop sessions with managed devices.