Provide your Users/Customers with customised web reports of their managed resources, including their state and utilisation.

Reports are built by the netPrefect™ Administrator (or a user with the correct privileges), using ordinary HTML and CSS3, as well as some special netPrefect™ specific tags, that allow extraction of statistical data from the netPrefect™ database.

The types of data that can be embedded on a customised report can include:

  • Pie and Time series charts of any netPrefect™ collected statistic, e.g.
    • CPU utilisation
    • Disk utilisation
    • Network adapter utilisation
    • Percentage uptime for a managed resource
  • Current outstanding alerts and their severity, for any managed resource
  • Managed resource description
  • Managed resource monitoring status (whether being monitored or not)
  • Dashboard showing counts of outstanding alerts, by severity or classification.

Reports can also be personalised by:

  • Branding, in line with your Company or Service specific look and feel.
  • Tailoring, for each recipient to include required, or exclude, report detail

Take a look at some sample reports...

These reports are samples that are available either "out of he box" or downloadable from our forums and ready to import into your netPrefect™ instance.

Build your own reports using these as a starting point by simply editing their definitions with the netPrefect™ administrator interface.


The detail displayed on these reports are entirely fictitious and are in no way meant to reflect on any real life companies with the same or similar names and resources.