netPrefect™ presents a fully secured system using 128 bit encryption (stronger encryption may be enabled if required).

What is Secured

  • All network communication between netPrefect™ components
  • Remotely monitored sites, by only using secure outbound connections from the site, either direct, or via a proxy server
  • User login through the use of Username/Password credential pairs coupled with sophisticated acces control mechanisms allowing:-
    • Restricted access for each user to their own set of managed devices, access tokens even restrict the user to specific types of operation on the device e.g. READ, WRITE, VIEW LOGS etc.
    • Reports only contain data about systems the recipient is eligable to view
  • Captured log data. All data transmitted to and received from managed devices is encrypted (when required) in the database preventing even database administrators from seing it
  • All credentials used to access managed devices can be secured through encryption mechanisms